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Anxiety is the natural reaction towards uncertain events that turn up in our life. Many people today are prone to face anxiety for coronavirus as being vulnerable to develop the illness. People often worry about their health as well as the health of their loved ones. Facing anxious thoughts and feelings are normal but letting them take control over you well now that can be harmful for any person. Everyone out in the world are prone to face anxiety at any point of their life but letting it dwell in and take the charge can affect the mental and emotional well-being of a healthy person. As dealing with this pandemic can be stressful and anxious for everyone, it’s completely ‘OKAY’ for a person to feel anxious than usual and it’s also okay if you are taking time to manage your mental health. You are doing your best to manage when the upcoming news can be overwhelming.

Let us explore few things you can take up during this quarantine time and manage your emotional as well as physical well-being healthily.

  1. Take care of yourself– YES!!!! You heard it right…. Take care of yourself! Havinga healthy diet and exercising regularly is the best way to keep yourself engaged well you can cook for yourself and become a master chef for your family(wink). Home-made food is the best diet and cooking is a major stress buster. Getting enough sleep is very important during these days so keep your little buddy aside and take a break from social media. Practicing your hobbies on regular basis can help you manage your stress. Who wouldn’t love to pick up that guitar from the corner and pull some strings…
  2. Stay connected to your loved ones-You might find yourself planning to call that long-distance friend of yours but oh, the work pressure…! Well now’s that time to pick that damn phone and keep dialing. Being isolated from others can affect your mood. Find out ways you can connect to your loved ones via phone, text or video call.
  3. Cut out time you spend on social media – At times while scrolling over social media you happen to come across a message which can be overwhelming and can give you anxiety. Believe on trusted information sources and if reading stories and news are provoking anxiety, it’s okay if you don’t keep a check of what is happening around of COVID-19. Limit your information. Stay informed but don’t obsessively check on news and get updates.
  4. Explore your self-management strategies– Can you see that grumpy cupboard of yours while the wardrobe screaming in pain? So, now’s the time to go and finish that unfinished task of yours. Figuring out your self-management techniques can help you deal with anxiety well. Practice mindfulness, yoga, meditation, art, mandalas or excercise to manage anxious thoughts. One can prepare charts to manage their emotions and keep a check on feelings you experience daily.
  5. Focus on things you can control- Nowe are not talking about your younger sibling here.!! (a wink again but now with a tongue out too!) There are so many things outside of our control, including how long the pandemic lasts, how other people behave, and what’s going to happen in our communities. Certain things are in our control which can help us to reduce our own personal risk. Maintaining of personal-hygiene can make us less vulnerable to susceptible infections.
  6. Seek support when you need it– People are prone to feel anxious about their future and many people who have never encountered a pandemic before. It’s okay if you need help. Talk to the person like mental health professionals, counselor, therapist or a friend to get relief from your thoughts plus a lot of gossips !!!


COVID-19 Helpline no. +91-11-23978046     

Seeking help isn’t bad! If things can be handled on your own, deal with it if you do not feel free to ask for it.


Framed by – Bhairavi Chaudhari,

Rephrased by – Vijaya Bhisale





Current Work Designation: Data Analyst at IQVIA           

Proud Indian Optimist since: October 2019

Current role at Proud Indian: Optimist

Can you tell us any 2 things that you like about Proud Indian?

I like the dedication of my fellow optimists for the change they want to create in society no matter how much effort is required. These guys put in their Hearts and Hands in every event to make it memorable.
I also like the management of events that are conducted and how everyone gets their duties assigned. No matter how big or small tasks are, optimists spend their best hours of preparations that are needed prior to every event.

Which was your most favorite event till now?
My favorite event was – Generous 2019 – a grocery donation drive in which I helped my fellow optimist collect donated groceries from different societies. Apart from that I actively participated in grocery distribution to the people from the slum community.

How has your involvement with Proud Indian benefited you or your community in terms of increasing quality of life or satisfaction?
We all live for ourselves but when we start helping others we get the self satisfaction of completing our duties towards our society. All of us who are having a fortunate life have an obligation to help raise the unfortunate ones. Proud Indian is making that change in society, helping the weak part of our society to become self independent.

How can you stop yourself from getting infected by the pandemic COVID – 19?

How can you stop yourself from getting infected by the pandemic COVID - 19?

COVID-19 is still a disease largely based in China, with a few outbreaks in several countries. It is important to stay safe and stay updated about measures. Here are a few guidelines you can follow to ensure this –

 1) Clean your hands frequently by either an alcohol based rub product (sanitizers) or with the traditional hand wash, for at least 20 seconds at a stretch.

2) Cover your mouth and nose with a flexed elbow every time you sneeze or use a tissue and discard immediately.

3) Avoid exposure to anyone with fever and cough. If you have these symptoms yourself and are experiencing difficulty in breathing, ensure you get medical attention and make sure you stay home until recovery.

4) Watch for any news regarding the spread of the Coronavirus in your area or nearby areas and stay alert for updates.

5) Educate your near and dear ones about counter measures being taken and about the virus itself.

 There is no real need to panic but it is important to not be complacent of the issue.

Content Reframed by Nithya Niranjani N

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