Proud Indian is an NGO started with an objective to eradicate poverty in India.

We, a small group of friends started the NGO on 26th January 2019 with a quality plan to improve the life of low-income community. We all worked together in various projects for the past six years, like a project for Orphanage kids, Flood Relief, Save Bengaluru Lakes, Urban/Rural Development and the list goes on.

We strongly believe that the real development is how much the poor get richer. As we are already engaged in social activities for the past 6 years in Bengaluru, the vision to contribute something to the society was already in our mind. We decided to set up a sustainable income module for the low-income people in slum areas. After a lot of research and discussion with experts in the field, we set a mission to build a self – reliant community by providing necessary business-oriented training to the low-income community.

Vision and Mission

Vision – Build a small-scale business model for low-income community groups and improve their standard of living.

Mission – Build a self – reliant community by providing the necessary business-related training.