An optimist at Proud Indian can be of any age group. An optimist, being a minor (under 14 yrs) shall work under the guidance of his / her guardian or any senior optimist.

Volunteers will be conferred upon with a certificate of participation after the successful completion of each event. An optimist will also be nominated for awards and recognition, subject to his/her performance and duration at Proud Indian.

Yes, Proud Indian offers two projects ; PFA & LoG. An optimist can give his/her valuable ideas under these two projects to conduct various activities.

Yes, Proud Indian provides internship under various categories. Aspirants can Click here

We provide regular updates on volunteering opportunities, new partnerships, and internship openings. Proud Indian sends a mailer to all its optimists (volunteers) once an event is finalised. It also posts all its event updates on its social media handles including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, IamHere and WhatsApp.


You can donate through various modes by visiting this link -Click here

We are working on FCRA Certification Process. On accomplishing this task, we will be qualified for international funding. Currently, we are not eligible for any foreign donations.

We do not provide any receipt as of now. But a thank you mail will be sent to donors as a mark of gratitude towards their contribution.

We are working on 12A & 80G Certification Process, Currently we don't provide tax exemption certificate to donors. Once we get the approval, donors will get the tax exemption receipt.

Yes, it is safe. The account details in the website and the UPI - QR code will direct the payee to the Proud Indian account.

Usually in-kind donations are accepted only when there is a need for the same in any of the projects at a given point of time. The schedules of such donation programmes will be updated on our website.

Donations will be either be used for LoG or PFA projects. You can review our annual financial report here: - Click here

Please take some time to browse through our website and do not hesitate to contact us for any queries at [email protected]