LoG – Local Governance  According to our survey, most of the slums around do not have any community setup. Every solution to their problems needs their unity also known as COMMUNITY. Once “Karnataka Urban Development” provides us the list of slums, our Core team will start selecting slums. The Field experts will then start the understanding of ground scenarios and select women for the community setup. This process will take a couple of months. Once this is done, a mentor/guide from the organisation will be assigned to the community for its smooth functioning.

PFA – People Friendly Activities – This is an interactive program designed to bring awareness among the people to recognize and help prevent environmental pollution, women and child abuse. This Awareness camp also aims at creating awareness on education, hygiene and various diseases caused due to unhygienic conditions. It also aims at finding out the root causes and effect on the socio-economic life.

KYB (Know Your Benefits) – This is one of the initiative started under our PFA project to create awareness on government schemes. Through this initiative, we are creating awareness on all those government schemes that will benefit our community residents.

Annual Events

Influencers – March 8th – International Women’s Day also known by the name “Influencer’s Day” at Proud Indian is celebrated every year on March 8th. This day is celebrated at Proud Indian for the women of the associated slum who have chosen up to build a sustainable income module for themselves and for the welfare of the community.

Well Being – April 7th“ Well Being” is celebrated at Proud Indian every year on April 7th on account of World Health Day to promote a good mental health, high life satisfaction and a sense of meaning or purpose in the life of the associated slum residents.

3.14 (Proud Indian Annual Event) – May 1st weekProud Indian’s Annual Charity event named as “3.14” is celebrated every year in the first week of May.

Ozone – June 5th World Environment Day also known by the name “Ozone” at Proud Indian is celebrated every year on June 5th. This day is celebrated to remind us of the Ozone layer that protects us form the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. The solution to this is to increase the green cover across the Globe.

Helios – June 21st International Solar Day also known by the name “Helios” at Proud Indian is celebrated every year on June 21st. This day is celebrated to say yes to Renewable source of energy and reduce the usage of harmful non-renewable sources.

Generous – October 2nd -8th International Joy of Giving Week also famous as DAAN UTSAV and commonly known as “Generous” at Proud Indian is celebrated every year from October 2nd – 8th.