Name of the Scheme - Vajpayee Arogyashree

Scheme Category – Health

Scheme Description - The crippling poverty faced by factions of India is what called for change in the form of the Vajpayee Arogyashree scheme. Many families who were unable to purchase medical products or therapeutic medicine due to their impoverished state, have now gained a medium through which they are provided with the financial protection they require to seek treatment and medical resources. The Vajpayee Arogyashree scheme aims to provide BPL (Below Poverty Line) families across rural and urban areas with the means to treat catastrophic diseases they are plagued by, which pose a threat to the savings of the family, potentially depleting their hard-earned money to seek a cure.


  • - An individual is eligible for the Vajpayee Arogyashree scheme if they are a BPL ration card holder.
  • - This card must be provided solely by the Food, Civil Supplies and consumer affairs department.
  • - The applicant can be of any age in order to be eligible for the scheme.
  • - The individual must also possess an Aadhar Card.
  • - The insured must also be enrolled in the Vajpayee Arogyashree scheme alone and not any other scheme to be eligible for the application process.

Process of Application:

  • The Vajpayee Arogyashree scheme involves very few steps in its application process as most details of the applicants are obtained through the means of their BPL ration card. However, the remainder of the steps which must be taken by the applicant to complete the process of application for the scheme are as follows:
  • 1) The applicant must provide their Aadhar Card as proof of their identity as well as its number in order to initiate the application process.
  • 2) The applicant must then provide their biometric impression to the bank or hospital offering the scheme.
  • 3) Once the biometrics of the applicant are captured and authenticated, the remainder of their personal details will be collected through their BPL ration card.
  • 4) 4. In the event of a failure to capture and authenticate the biometrics of the applicant, they must submit an OTP (One-Time Password) or QR Code provided to them from which the provider of the scheme can collect the biometric data of the applicant.
  • Important Facts about VA:
  • - An individual of any age is eligible for an application to this scheme. The scheme also has no upper age limit.
  • - A maximum of five members of a family can become beneficiaries of the Vajpayee Arogyashree scheme.
  • - The family benefiting from the scheme will receive an annual cover of 1.5 Lakhs on a floater basis.
  • - Once the 1.5 Lakh sum has been exhausted, the family will be provided with an additional sum of 50,000 rupees.
  • - Family members can use the BPL card of a sole member to access the benefits of the scheme and treatments for pre-existing diseases.
  • - No payment towards the premium is required as the scheme is fully funded by the government.
  • - The beneficiary of the scheme has access to as many as 60 procedures for a follow-up treatment for their ailments on a yearly basis.
  • Important facts about PMSBY:
  • 1) All nationalized banks provide the scheme.
  • 2) You can visit any of the banks to start getting benefits from the scheme by enrolling.

Claim Settlement Process:

  • 1. Upon the demise of the insured, the hospital through which the nominee has insured a member of their family will obtain evidence of the demise once they are notified.
  • 2. Once the aforementioned evidence has been obtained, the claim will be lodged by the concerned bank or hospital.
  • 3. Within 21 days of receiving the claim, the concerned insurer will provide the nominee of the account holder with the death claim benefit.
  • 4. In the event that the nominee of the insured has witnessed their own demise, the benefit will be paid to the legal heir of the account holder.

Compiled and Edited by Intern - Divya Vijaykrishnan

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