Current Work Designation: HR at Digiconnectt Technology Pvt. Ltd

Proud Indian Optimist Since: October 2019

Current role at Proud Indian: Lead Optimist – PFA

Can you tell us any two things that you like about Proud Indian?

Friendly & knowledgeable people.

Good initiatives taken towards overcoming poverty.

Which was your most favorite event till now?

Know your benefits & Piggy penny which saves money

How has your involvement with Proud Indian benefited you or your community in terms of increasing quality of life or satisfaction?

It’s a great feeling which I need to share with, the initiatives of this NGO are good where they work towards the improvement of the society, which impressed me to work with them as a team. Whenever I lead/attend the event I really feel I am self-satisfied of doing something for the society. I really thank the people who supported me in all my work related to the event.